Sunday, 17 July 2011

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

     Hi Everyone, for my 1st post I would like to do some review on the latest tab for Asus (Asus Eee Pad Transformer) which is quite popular in the state right now and arrive in Singapore around April. Ok lets FIRE UP!!

Model: Asus Eee Pad  Transformer

Display: 10.1 inch with IPS display and LCD screen

Touch Screen: Capacitive

Multitouch: Yes

Light sensor: Yes

Scratch-resistant Glass: Yes

Android Version: 3.1 Honeycomb

Processor: Dual Core,NVIDIA 
                    Tegra2, 1Ghz

Memory: 1GB RAM

 Sorry for the bad quality picture as I taken this picture by using my Desire. ok as you can see the box included both tab and the keyboard dock, unlike the U.S version they sold separately.          
I bought this is in Singapore so there're only 2 version which is 16gb with the dock and 32gb without the dock and both version cost around SGD 799. Only available wifi version and no 3G version in Singapore yet.

What's in the Box : Charger, USB cable and Manual  honestly I'm quiet disappointed because there so few stuff in the box)

Sleek design for both of the Tab and the Dock, it's also slightly heavier than some of the other tablets around. At 680g it's still not exactly heavy, and with the keyboard dock attached it feels about the same weight as a decent netbook.

There are two camera which located at the front 1.3 mp and back 5mp. The Quality of the camera and the video itself are NOT BAD at all and by thinking of it honestly who really care about their tab camera quality anyway? 


                                                      Indoor during Night time ( by the way this is not me hehe)

                                                   This is the video that I captured and ya it's running 720p.


The Battery life for the Tab can last for 9hours and when it connected to the dock it can be last for 15 to 16hours. There are also sd slot for both tab and dock which can supported to 32gb, 2 USB slot on the right and left side of the dock. 

My Comment:
For me it's really a nice Tab for daily use and it's different from others because of the additional keyboard dock that really helpful when doing some chatting or searching and ya it's run smoother than Motorola Xoom. For the price of SGD 799 it's really worth it. I really love the display , the colour are so crisp and it has the same IPS display technology with the IPAD 2. Really enjoying using this Tab so much and I'm giving this Tab a 4.5 stars. 

That's all folks for now. I will do another review about apps and games for this Tab and other junks in future time. Thanks for reading this and Have a nice weekend!!


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